YADA DTSD3366D-W1 Rail type Energy Meter

1. Overview:

It is applied to measure the AC power consumption of communication site and the customer

2. Technical specification:

Electric performance parameter Mechanical characteristics: Shape size:76± 0.5mm×72±0.5mm×63±0.5mm; Installation method: rail installation; Electric characteristics: Withstand voltage: input match output:2.0kV/min·1mA; Reference voltage: 3×220/380V Voltage range: work range:0.8~1.1Un; limit range:0.7~1.2Un; Current measurement range:50(100)A with CTF16-2K5-100 mutual inductor. Pulse constant: factory default 50(100)A Instrument as 400imp/kWh, or customized. auxiliary Power supply: DC18V~60V Accurate level: active power 1.0, reactive power 2.0 Startup current: 004Ib Communication method: RS485 Communication: Communication port: RS485 Baud rate: RS485 communication baud rate as 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps. factory default as 2400bps. RS485 communication distance: less than 1.2km. Work condition: Reference temperature:23℃±2℃ Reference humidity:40%~60%RH Work temperature: -10℃~50℃ Storage temperature: -40℃~70℃, relative humidity

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Functionality and feature DTSD3366D-W1-A 3 phases electronic multi-functional power meter series has the high measurement accuracy, stable performance, long life, small volume, low power consumption, easy operation and management features, which is widely used in the field of electric quantities measurement and power automation. Main functionalities as below: Measure the forward active, reactive electric energy, and 4 quadrant reactive electric energy With a load record, a load record of each parameter can be recorded per hour. Storage the electric quantities data of 12 settlement days. Multiple backup on the electric quantities, reference variable with CRC check. Measure the instantaneous value of various electronic parameters (voltage/current/active or reactive power/power factor/frequency etc.) Multiple freese method, timely freese, instantaneous freese, whole point freese and daily freese. Automatic alternate display and press button display: Meet DL/T645-2007 standard


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